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Magnetic signs can be a great low cost alternative to applying more permanent spot graphics or lettering directly to a vehicle. At GFX Wraps we recommend magnetic signs to be used as a temporary, as-needed or short term vehicle graphic solution.

Ideally, magnetic signs should be removed daily and kept out of the sun when not in use. In order to maintain the magnetic sign's ability to hold tightly to the surface of a vehicle, it is important to frequently remove the magnets and thoroughly clean both sides of them as well as the surface of the vehicle. Magnetic signs left on a vehicle for extended periods of time will tend to harden and lose their flexibility. Once a magnetic sign loses it's flexibility, the possibility of the magnet detaching from the vehicle while driving at high speeds is much greater. All it takes is one corner to curl back slightly and the magnet will fly right off.

Please keep in mind, magnetic signs are not recommended as a long term vehicle graphic solution. Magnets left on a vehicle too long can damage the painted surface underneath.

Magnetic sheeting comes in 24" rolled stock and can be printed and cut to any size as well as simple custom shapes.

Custom magnetic signs at GFX Wraps are produced using 3M 180Cv3 Controltac vinyl and 8519 clear laminate on heavy duty Magnum magnetic sheeting. We produce custom signs by applying a printed and laminated adhesive vinyl print to the magnetic sheeting. The advantage to this method over printing direct to the magnetic substrate is that we are able to laminate the prints, protecting them from scratches and the long term effects of sun exposure.

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