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Custom Wall Murals Add Character

Who says we can only wrap vehicles? The truth is, we can wrap just about anything... boats, motorcycles, ATM machines, refrigerators, guitars, drums and even walls of all sizes!

For this unique wall mural project at Proof Bar in downtown Houston, we chose to use a more traditional approach with a printable textured wallpaper material applied with rolled on wallpaper adhesive to give the finished product a classic look that would hold up to the test of time. This is great solution to applying wall graphics to a textured wall where adhesive vinyl might not stick well.

The amazing photography for both murals was provided by the talented Heather Robinson.

The small 5 foot wide by 8 foot tall mural leading to the restrooms was a relatively simple install that really added some amazing dimension to the small space. The larger 30 foot wall proved to be challenging with a variety of obstacles to work around.

Wall murals are an amazing way to add color, depth and character to virtually any space. Give us a call if you are thinking about a printed wall mural or custom wallpaper in your home, office or other space. We will be happy to come out and survey your mural space so we can determine the best material for the job and give you a accurate quote.

Give us a call today 281-350-2040 or submit a quote request here!

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